Grilled Baby Back Ribs for Breakfast…………………

…………..yup, you read that right – Breakfast .   


I presalted a rack of ribs Thursday, intending to grill them Friday night.  But that didn’t happen and I wasn’t going to be able to grill them tonight because we have other plans.   So that left breakfast.  rubbed the ribs with a little cayenne pepper and fresh garlic and put them on the grill around 6:30 AM. They were ready to come off the grill about 45 minutes later.  


And for a quick side – grilled potato slices.   They only took about 12  to 15 minutes.


I don’t think I will need to take a lunch to work today.

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  1. Cathy says:

    Wow, would I love that! You make grilling ribs sound so easy, Ann. Mine turn out dry sometimes.

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