Simple Salad

It was my intention to grill a small prime rib for dinner last night.  The roast had been pre-salted the day before and left to air dry in the fridge most of Sunday.   BUT, neither of us felt like a big dinner last night so I made Moe a salad.

Just a simple salad made with what I had on hand. 

Hard boiled eggs,

leaf lettuce, tomatoes 

and green pepper,


topped with a dressing made with Hellmans and heavy cream, minced garlic, a little rice wine vinegar, salt and lots of fresh ground pepper. 

I know that this doesn’t sound too exciting, especially for a Father’s Day dinner, but Moe was thrilled.  As I’ve mentioned before, he loves salads, but because I don’t, he doesn’t get many of them.

I hate to make promises I can’t keep, but I’m going to try and make him a salad at least a couple of times a week.  ‘Try’ being the operative word.

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  1. Cathy says:

    Sometimes a salad is exactly what I want for dinner. I should eat more of them to tell the truth. I can understand why Moe was happy with this meal.

  2. Ann, I actually really enjoy salads but rarely get around to making them. I think part of it is my children don't like them and I don't love salads enough to make them anyway. However if I had that salad…Maybe next time you should make Moe a mesclun salad and then saute it for you. This has become my new solution for the mesclun mix I get at my CSA. Seems like the same dressing would work for both.-Robin

  3. Holly says:

    This salad looks delish! Has me craving one now;)

  4. Oh my gosh Ann! You make such a \”simple salad\” look so appealing and appetizing. (Weren't you even tempted, just a little bit?!) 😀 I would be so happy to have that placed before me.You're a genius in the kitchen! And have I told you lately how in love with your photography I am? You've captured the light so beautifully as you always do. *sigh* Pure eye candy. xo

  5. That is a perfect summer salad:)

  6. This salad looks so good……now I feel like I want one…… great photo's.

  7. Rettabug says:

    I'd like to try making that simple dressing, Ann.Your photos are exquisite, as always. Please do a post on how to get your hard boiled eggs to be so perfect? Mine always have that yucky green/gray band of color around the yolks! I've tried every cooking time imaginable, with & without cream of tarter in the water, boiling water start as well as cold water. No luck…. help?

  8. Rett, the green, gray colour is caused by over cooking. I start the eggs in cold water and bring to a boil, cover and turn off the burner and let the eggs continue to cook from the heat of the water for 10 to 15 minutes depending on size. I did eat some of the salad. I love tomatoes. BUT, I just don't get the satisfaction out of eating salads the way some people do. Ann

  9. Anonymous says:

    Those tomatoes look delicious. I can't wait for tomatoes to start tasting \”real\” here. I love a good salad, I just hate making salads. 🙂

  10. Linda says:

    Perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs….this looks like a perfect meal for a hot summer night…

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