Deep Fried Battered Prawns

We drove down to Victoria today to have lunch with our son and his girlfriend.  It was Matt’s 28th birthday.  I’m so happy that we live close enough to be able to see Matt as often as we want.

I had intended to make an Asian style dinner with prawns and rice etc.. but didn’t think I could eat a big meal so I decided to just do something simple with the prawns.  Deep fried and battered.  The prawns were rubbed with fresh garlic paste (rubbed the garlic on a microplane) and then coated with a flour/cornstarch mixture, into beaten egg and back into the flour before frying in hot peanut oil.   The dip was  made with grated ginger, more garlic, hot chile sauce and rice wine vinegar.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Happy birthday to you well loved son Ann:)And your meal would be a treat for me:)

  2. Marysol says:

    Happy 28th Birthday Matt! Lucky.Ann, Sam will be moving back soon, so I'll be thrilled to cook for her, once again.

  3. Katy ~ says:

    Happy 28th birthday to matt!Prawns look perfectly and lightly battered!

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