French Beef Dip Sandwiches………..

…………with homemade fries. What better way to use up the beef tenderloin leftover from our anniversary dinner.

I like the beef sliced really thin so I got out my electric meat slicer.

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  1. I absolutely love roast beef sandwiches. I love how thin you were able to slice the meat. Makes me want to get a slicer just for that purpose. Beautiful au jus and french fries, too!

  2. I really should not look at your blog at breakfast. Your roast beef sandwich would hit the spot right now. -Tien

  3. Oh Ann..I just said to J come see her slicer..he is COVETING it..soon:)FRench Dips are a favorite of everyone here!

  4. Cathy says:

    Aaaahhhh, my favorite sandwich. And I love kitchen equipment. That's a great slicer…sigh. Don't need that kind of thing any more.

  5. Katy ~ says:

    I am starving looking at your pix. I was craving french fries earlier, and now I am mad for them! The sandwich is a terrific idea. I'll have to remember that when we next have roast beef.

  6. Linda says:

    Darn….I had a Braun deli slicer for years and I sold it in a garage sale….now I am sorry…That looks gorgeous Ann!Delicious!

  7. Great slicer. Those look amazing.

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