Oh No Not Chicken Again…………

In between baking the Bagels and the Bread I roasted another small chicken for dinner. This time though we had Hot Chicken Sandwiches with homemade fries. My favourite “Diner food”.

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  1. Foley says:

    Oh, I could have chicken every night! The homemade fries look so crispy too…

  2. Marysol says:

    WW, I had to giggle at the title of your entry. We tend to love our chicken around here, but every time it\’s on the menu, I\’ll hear a faint sigh from Thumper, immediately followed by: \”Ohhh. Not chicken…again.\”You know, I could easily envision the elation in Jim\’s face, if I were to serve that Hot Chicken Sandwich. Fact is, it\’s making me happy right now.

  3. I could eat chicken 5 out of 7 nights:)It just tastes so good in every variation..from stocks to soups to Indian and Asian..right down to home roasted w/ frites..Never tire of your chicken here Ann~

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