Pizza Night – Two Nights in a Row

I followed Canadave’s instructions provided on The Pizza Making website, on how to stretch the crust, and his instructions on letting the dough rise for more than 24 hours. I used my regular Italian dough which is very similar to his recipe.

One of Last Nights Pizzas

I wanted to see if there was much difference in the crust between a regular slow rise and a much longer slow rise, over 24 hours. I started the dough for the pizza yesterday morning. Made a double batch (10 cups of flour) of the dough early in the morning. I made three pizzas last night. One for us and one for each of two of our neighbours. The Pizzas last night were topped with sauce, cheese and pepperoni and mushrooms. I let the rest of the dough rise in the fridge until today. (32 hour rise). I took it out of the fridge late this afternoon so that the dough could come to room temperature.

Tonight’s Pizza

The crust was stretched by hand, thin in the middle with a slightly thicker rim. This time I topped it with just sauce and cheese and sprinkled with a little oregano and hot red pepper flakes. Moe never eats four slices, but he did tonight. . The crust was amazing. This is the way I’ll be making pizza from now on.

I still have enough dough left for one more pizza. But I’m pizza’d out. I’m thinking that the dough will make an excellent Focaccia.

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  1. Suzy says:

    Your crust does look incredible. I recently bought some dough from the grocery store..the one they use to make their pizzas. Randy loved it so much he keeps asking me when I am going to make another. I need to just make my own. Thanks for sharing the tip.

  2. That crust is a work of art Ann!I have had pizza night on my list for a month now. With Nick coming home tomorrow for his winter break from college, I will make pizza. Thanks for the inspiration Ann.

  3. Ann, you always make THE best pizzas! Oh, I\’m starving just looking.

  4. Ann, your pizza looks like delicious perfection. Your photos make my mouth water. 🙂

  5. Marsha says:

    Oh is there a piece of last nights left over for me! I love pizza and yours look so good!

  6. Your crust looks perfect! I\’m hungry for a great pizza. I think yours would fit the bill! Beautiful, Ann!

  7. Marysol says:

    Ann, I\’d have pizza everyday, as long as you were in charge of them.

  8. Linda says:

    Oh my that pizza looks just wonderful! I will have to give this dough a try!Yum…..

  9. There is never a photo you post of food you make that I would not try:)I always think..Meenam:)You are giving J a run on his $ w/ your pizzas!

  10. a quiet life says:

    scott would love to live at your house~

  11. Nico says:

    I usually make my dough either Wednesday or Thursday night and make my pizzas either Friday or Saturday night so that is 48 hs rise, and you can tell the difference between these crusts and a crust made the same day of baking…

  12. Nico, yes, there is a big difference in the crust when the dough has had a long fermentation. I made a pizza this week (April 2010) with dough that was 6 days old. It was wonderful. I have a batch of dough in the fridge leftover from when I made bread on Monday. It is destined for pizza either Saturday or Sunday.Thanks for dropping by.Ann

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