I’ve been using Amy Scherber’s directions for my sourdough starter for years now. But I have never actually made one of her bread recipes.

Decided I would bake a version of her Country Sourdough.

So I fed my white starter again yesterday and used some of the discard in her Levain.

According to the instructions, the levain should take around 8 hours to double.

I was planning on using it in the morning to make the dough.

But both my Starter and the Levain had doubled in 5 hours.

So I went ahead and started the dough and left if out on the counter overnight and the dough was ready to use around 4:00 AM.

Divided the dough in half and shaped a boule

and 7 mini baguette rolls.

The second dough went into the fridge for a cold fermentation.

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