Baguettes and Boules

Yesterday’s bake. Same day. Last loaf came out of the oven around 9:00 PM and I started the dough in the morning around 5:30 AM.Discard from sourdough feed and 2g of yeast. 1000g flour at 80%. Left it out all day while I was at work and it was ready to go when I got home.

Four baguettes and two boules.

Sliced this morning.

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  1. Lisa McDonald Rittel says:

    Ann, what do you mean by 1000 g flour at 80%?

  2. Hey Lisa. 80% is the hydration. So if you are using a 1000g of flour, you would need 800g of water for an 80% hydration. This is a fairly wet dough.
    I tend to vary the hydration from 72% to 80%.

    I have a hydration table at the end of this post…..Artisan Bread Pictorial

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