Beef Tenderloin in a Black Bean Sauce

 Beef Tenderloin in a Black Bean Sauce
This is one of those quick “Winged” dinner.
The basics…. sliced the beef tenderloin thin, while still partially frozen. (easier that way). 
 Marinated for about 30 minutes in a splash of Shao Hsing , a little sesame oil and corn starch. 
 I use a large cast iron round griddle, but you can also use a wok. 
Saute the meat in peanut oil, over high heat, just until it is cooked.
 Remove and set aside. 
 Add sliced onions, celery, saute until just starting to soften. 
 Don’t over cook.
 Add the garlic and ginger, toss in the beef, add the black beans,
 a splash of beef broth, salt and pepper. 
Cook for a minute, add the bean sprouts. 
Toss just long enough to heat , add chopped green onions and serve. 
This is one of those dishes that you can add whatever you like. 
Green or red peppers. Spice it up with  hot chili peppers, a splash of chile paste, etc…. 
Moe has a reaction to soy sauce so I don’t use it. But you can add soy instead of salt. 
 This basic recipe works great with chicken or pork too.
 Sometimes I add broccoli or green beans instead of bean sprouts.

I also like to add some Chinese Black Pepper sauce and a little Chile Garlic Sauce 
to this dish.  

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  1. Cathy says:

    I love quick to fix meals with lots of flavor. This looks delicious, Ann.

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