Tex-Mex Pork Carnitas

This is one of those favourite dishes that shows up on the menu on a semi regular basis.
Thirty years ago it was uncommon to find decent Tex-Mex/Mexican food in Canada.  The first time I had Pork Carnitas was in Puerto Rico,  back in 1982.  The restaurant was recommended to us by a local and it was apparently a well kept secret from the tourists.
We went back a couple of times during that week.

One of the first things I did when we got home was to recreate this dinner.

This is a very simple meal.  No real recipe or measurements.  Just adjust the seasoning to suit your own taste.   Normally I cook this in a cast iron dutch oven, but this time I used my brand new Nesco 6: roaster.  

Pork Roast Shoulder or Butt.  Cut into 2 or 3 inch pieces.  
Rub with fresh minced garlic, salt, pepper, a little cumin and chili pepper.   I used ground Chipotle Chili Pepper.

Brown meat in cast iron dutch oven, add a little chicken broth, cover and roast in a low oven until pork is  fall-apart tender.

We like the carnitas served in tacos topped with homemade salsa, and fresh lime.

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  1. Unknown says:

    This looks like a good recipe indeed… but I wouldn't call it Tex-Mex. This is definitely not how we cook carnitas in Texas. But it does sound like the Puerto Rican style carnitas I've had which are really really good, just different.

  2. The restaurant in Puerto Rico was a Mexican Restaurant owned by Mexicans. I don't know how authentic the recipe is but I've had similar Carnitas in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Thanks for taking the time to comment.Ann

  3. Gloria says:

    Oh, this looks so delicious! It must smell heavenly as you are cooking it. I wish I lived next door, I'd be sitting outside your window just for the scent alone! But hoping you'd throw some out the window for me. ;)Best,Gloria

  4. Gloria you wouldn't have to sit outside the window. You would be welcome to join us. Ann

  5. Linda says:

    This looks wonderful Ann! I am a huge carnitas fan and yours look absolutely delicious! I swoon when I think about the little pieces of crispy on the outside juicy on the inside, succulent pork that just melts in your mouth!There is a place in Tijuana right near the cemetery where I first ate them…also in the very early 80's, before I was married in 1981. My husband and I went to visit his grandfather who lived there….I just remember the huge vats of carnitas cooking away. You bought the meat by the pound and it was wrapped in paper and it came with a pile of fresh hot tortillas, onions, cilantro, some salsa, and fresh lime. I can still remember how they tasted! Cooking from taste memory is just a wonderful thing to do…I know you do that all the time and so do I. One reason I always love to visit your blog!Your tacos are making my mouth water!

  6. Your carnitas are stunning! They've now been added to my \”to do\” list 🙂

  7. Definitely a winning dish. We have several good restaurants here in the valley these days but when I want the real think I cross over the border at Osoyoos.

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