Pizza Night

I planned a head this week, saving enough Italian Ciabatta dough from a batch of bread I baked on Wednesday to make a pizza.


Moe took the dough out of the fridge around 3:00 PM yesterday afternoon so that it would have time to come to room temperature. 

I got home from work at little after 5:00, in time to make the sauce, grate the cheese, fry the sausage and the mushrooms.  The pizza went into the oven at 6:00.  Baked on a stone at 550°F.

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  1. Rachelle S says:

    That looks SO good, the crust looks light, crispy and soft inside and I love the mushrooms! Mmmm!

  2. It's the food I am craving.Beautiful.

  3. Linda says:

    Yummmm…this looks like my kind of pizza.Gorgeous!

  4. gld says:

    I can almost smell and taste it!Ciabatta dough…now you have me curious. You always further my bread (and cooking) education.

  5. What a delicious pizza……yummmm. Love the mushrooms.

  6. Cathy says:


  7. Barbara says:

    Oh my. I wish I was eating at your house!*Drool*

  8. Janet Marie says:

    What a beautiful crust, and a luscious looking pizza.

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