Recent Bread and Pizza Bakes

All from the same bread dough recipe.
Which can be found here:
Pepperoni Deluxe
All Pizzas are baked on a stone on the Grill
at about 600°F.
Rim Shot.
Matt’s pizza.  Matt is a vegetarian.
This time he wanted just a simple three cheese pizza.
Rim Shot.
This was a 500g flour batch of dough at 75% hydration.
Same day bake.
Crumb shot. 
Got to love our Canadian flour.
Pain d’Epi
Second half of a batch of dough left in the
fridge overnight.
Shiny Crumb.
Dressed and ready to go on the stone.
Pepperoni, mushrooms and olives.
Rim Shot
Matt’s Pizza
Cheese, two types of olives, tomatoes from our garden
and homemade pesto sauce. 
Love a puffy rim.

First half of the same dough the Pain d’Epi.  
Only this batch was baked the same day. 
One of Matt’s pizzas.
This one topped with artichokes and pesto.
Another rim shot.

Moe and I shared a pepperoni and olive pizza.
Rim shot
And another. 

Decided to make rounds instead
of baguettes this time.
Nine  small rounds 
and three small Boules
Matt’s Pizza Margherita 

Rim Shot

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