Green Peppercorn Steak

A work night dinner that didn’t take longer than 40 minutes to prepare.
Green Peppercorn steak with roasted potatoes, sauted mushrooms and steamed green beans.
I put some dried green peppercorns in hot beef broth (or chicken)  and set aside. 
Cut up the potatoes and got them into the steam oven.

When the potatoes were half way cooked, after about 12 minutes, I seared the steaks, removed them from the pan. 
Added a minced shallot and a minced garlic clove. 
Sauted for about 90 seconds and then deglazed with a splash of cognac, or wine, 
 added the green peppercorns and broth and simmered until reduced to about 2 tablespoons.
 Added the cream and continued to simmer on low until reduced and thickened. 
While the sauce was simmering, saute the mushrooms and put the green beans on to steam. 

the last 3 or four minutes needed to finish the vegetables, placed the steaks 
back into the pan with the sauce to warm up.

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