Starting Over – Sourdough Starter

I had neglected my sourdough starter to the point of no return. 
 So I started over. 
I didn’t like the first starter. 
So started a new one Sunday (Jan. 24th), using fresh organic rye flour
 that my friend Pam at 
Scoops Natural Foods
 milled for me on Saturday.
I started two new starters, both with the fresh rye and bottled water.  
Fed them both again on Tuesday morning. 

 I had to go out and by the time I returned both
 had more than doubled and one had already collapsed.  
I fed them again. One with white and one with rye.
 And I used some of the rye discard Tuesday night to make a biga/preferment.  
The biga/preferment went into a 750g batch of dough Wednesday morning. 
And then into the fridge for an over night rise. 
Dough came out of the fridge on 
Thursday morning and was left on the counter to warm up.   

Was then shaped, proofed and baked in Dutch Ovens.

Not bad for a new starter.

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  1. Amazing for any starter let alone a new one. You are fabulous!

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