Favourite New Gadget & Giveaway

And the Winner Is
Teresa Cortez 

My new favourite toy.
French Fry Cutter by MSC Joie

This little gadget has quickly become a favourite of both Moe and I.

MSC Joie is offering one of their French Fry Cutters as a

here on Thibeault’s Table.

Enter to Win by 
Leaving a Comment on this Post
For a Second Chance share on Facebook.

Draw will take place on Monday, August 5th 

(Note: Please do not comment using “Anonymous” as I won’t be able to contact you for an address should you win.)

You can also check out some of the other kitchen items offered at


This little cutter makes the
perfect size fries.
And it makes a lot of fries from just one or two medium size russet potatoes.
Wings and Fries
with homemade “TBQ Sauce”.
I’m not a fan of BBQ sauces, 
but I have always loved this sauce that comes from the
Tunnel BBQ Restaurant in Windsor, Ontario.
This restaurant has been in business since the 1940’s.
A few years back I was given a copycat recipe for this sauce.
It is pretty close in flavour to the original. 
And it is very easy to make. No cooking involved.
It is made from ingredients that most will have on hand.
Although, every time I make it I have to go out and buy a bottle of ketchup.
This sauce is the only thing I make with ketchup
Not something I ever have on hand.  
Wonderful on wings and ribs.

TBQ Sauce

(Source: Windsor Newspaper) 

1/2 cup Ketchup
1/2 cup prepared mustard
1/2 cup vinegar white
1-1/2 teaspoons salt
1-1/2 teaspoons garlic powder
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1-1/2 teaspoons chile powder
1/4 cup white sugar.

Place all ingredients in a blender and mix.  Refrigerate.
Seems to last forever.


Original direction suggested that the sauce didn’t need to be refrigerated.   I stored mine in the refrigerator.

I used less  sugar (usually none)  than was called for, because I really do prefer a more savory then sweet sauce.

87 Comments Add yours

  1. Unknown says:

    I would absolutely love one of these for my family! I enjoy looking at your recipes daily as they are always not only cooked to perfection but displayed professionally! Thanks for being my friend. Karen Mello

  2. Karen, You need to leave an email address here because your Unknown does not link to an email address.Ann

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love it! An I love your fudge recipe it my all time favorite!

  4. Unknown says:

    Im always nervous about cutting myself on one of these slicers but with that great holder I think even m fingers would be safe!clbeaudoin@gmail.com

  5. foodieluisa says:

    Hi Ann – just the other day I handcut shoestring fries to go along with my shrimp burgers because my mandoline wasn't working out for me (and I'm always terrified of cutting myself!) This little sweet gadget would get a lot of use in my kitchen… luisa@luisascatering.com

  6. Unknown says:

    I LOVE seeing your pictures and post everyday!!!!

  7. I get teased a lot since I have started making my own condiments, but when I started making my own, my health issues cleared up. This sounds delish.

  8. Shared on Facebook!

  9. I would love to try this out! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  10. I have been admiring the cut of your fries and now I know how you did it. Would love to have this gadget in my kitchen. Susan

  11. MaryWithrow says:

    I love those fries! I fry carrots too and this would be awesome for all kinds of items!

  12. Anyone posting under \”Unknown or Anonymous, needs to also include an email address in their post. Otherwise I won't be able to contact you for your mailing information if you win.Thanks ~Ann

  13. Anonymous says:

    I WANT THIS!!!! To make baked eggs on top (-:

  14. Unknown says:

    Oh, I'd so love to add this to my kitchen! So many ideas of what to make into 'fries'!

  15. Fresh cut fries are the best, and now I have a new sauce for my collection. Thank You!! Love your blog. Down to earth and genuine.Jeff Haderliejhaderlie@gmail.com

  16. Cunning little object – much better than getting out & then cleaning the Bron mandoline. Sharing on Facebook.Lyndell VanMatre

  17. Unknown says:

    I would love to win. I also shared on Facebook. Belma email: belma18@yahoo.com

  18. Turo says:

    I shared on Facebook.

  19. I recently made french fries for my grandson but I cut the potatoes with a knife. This little tool would be great!

  20. MaryWithrow says:

    Sorry, Didnt realize my email didnt show up for you. @MaryWithrowNC@gmail.com

  21. S2K says:

    My mother in law LOVES tunnel BBQ sauce but doesn't get there as often as she'd like. I love but don't make oven fries because I'm not a fan of cutting the taters, this would be grate! ( like the pun?)

  22. Raquel says:

    Would love to win this!!! We love gadgets and this one looks fab!

  23. I love gadgets and of course I do love oven baked fries. So much. I would drive kilometres to find good fries. I miss my days living in Ontario where chip trucks were common.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I'm a gadget gal, and this one is adorable. Thanks for the chance to win it. 😎

  25. Linda, You need to include an email address, otherwise I won't be able to contact you if you win.~Ann

  26. Val, I grew up just east of Toronto. When I was a kid, the chip truck came down our street every night in the summer. We would get the chips either in cones or a big bowl to share. I preferred my own cone, because I was the only one that didn't like vinegar on my fries. I still don't like vinegar.~Ann

  27. I do like the pun. LOL!! Now you can make the TBQ sauce for your mom.~Ann

  28. Grateful, I almost always cut potatoes for fries by hand. Too much bother to get out the big Matfer Mandoline. And to be honest, the thing scares me. LOL~

  29. Turo, you need to include an email address here. I checked your website, but you do not have an email option.~Ann

  30. Lyndell, please add an email address here so that if you win I will be able to contact you.Thanks, Ann.

  31. Cryssi, I do not see an email address on your website. Please add one here so that if you win I can contact you.~Ann

  32. Kim, please add an email address .~Ann

  33. Catman, please add an email address.~Ann

  34. Amanda, please add your email address here. Otherwise I won't be able to contact you, should you win.~Ann

  35. Gumiho says:

    Ohhh I'd love to win one of these! Love kitchen tools, hehe. Babygparas13mpr3@aim.com

  36. I just found your blog and the recipes are so great! The French fry tool looks so wonderful for the kitchen.

  37. SolDucky says:

    That sauce sounds awesome! Definitely going to try it sometime soon.

  38. susanb59 says:

    I would love to try one of these! My great nieces and nephews love fries. Thanks for your blog.

  39. Unknown says:

    Love your blog! Very few savoury blogs out there…mostly baking and sweets…which I love as well but love a good savoury blog with everyday delicious looking food! Thanks!

  40. Unknown says:

    Just in case my email didnt show up. lisastacey43@gmail.com

  41. Oh this sounds like a wonderful gadget! I've been making a lot of different kinds of fries lately, but I hate having to take the time to slice and cut. My favorite fries currently are carrot fries. 🙂 I always enjoy reading your blog! You make food that people really want to eat. Simple and comforting, yet beautiful!theneverendingstomach.com

  42. sharonjo says:

    My son, who is in college and living in his own \”bachelor pad\” has recently started making French fries from scratch. He uses a knife to prepare the potatoes, but if I win this, I will give it to him to make the job easier. Thanks for the chance! sharonjo at gwtc dot net

  43. Linda says:

    So this is your magnificent French Fry secret! I have never seen one like that! Not sure of my chances, but I would love one of those!Your fries have always impressed me!L xo

  44. JoelC says:

    Great blog, Thanks for the recipes!

  45. Ann says:

    I love your BLOG. Your serving boards are beautiful.

  46. Well teeheehee..It would be for J..he makes our fries..Are they avilable in stores Ann?Neat gadget..I could then get rid of his 2 huge fry chopper things:)

  47. PS..I love that company Ann..my Sushi people are from them..such cute things and great quality.

  48. Unknown says:

    I too cut them by hand. My electric mandolin scares the daylights out of me and makes them too chunky.randisnow@hotmail.com

  49. Unknown says:

    Would love to try that out; looks like it makes the perfect fries

  50. Unknown says:

    I would love to have this little gadget. It's my first time visiting your blog but it won't be my last! Everything looks so yummy! Thanks

  51. Unknown says:

    Including my email: Kgrenier5@gmail.comI would love to have this little gadget. It's my first time visiting your blog but it won't be my last! Everything looks so yummy! Thanks

  52. I love making homemade fires – this would definitely help!Ceecee

  53. I shared this on FB.Ceecee

  54. Unknown says:

    Hi – I really enjoy your posts and style of cooking

  55. alleycatim says:

    I would love to win this. I love your blog/website! Alleycatim@yahoo.comThanksKim

  56. Anonymous says:

    Enjoyed your recipes and blog. Would like to win this since I don't have one and do it the old fashioned way. LOLThanks!

  57. Anonymous says:

    Enjoy your recipes and blog. Would love to win this since I really need one. Thanks!

  58. I have bookmarked so many of your delicious looking recipes! Looking at the escargot especially made me realize I should indulge myself and go buy some snails to make for some very lucky friends of mine. gondoejew@gmail.com is my contact info.

  59. I have bookmarked so many of your recipes, and especially the escargot caught my eye. It looks like I'll be venturing out to make those for myself and some very lucky friends of mine!

  60. Unknown says:

    This looks like it would be great for many vegetables! Saving time and my fingers 🙂 ~Nancy nrhughes19@gmail.com

  61. Unknown says:

    Yum, Yum Yum, I WANT ONE!!!

  62. Unknown says:

    I don't see my comment so I'll make another one…Yummy, Yummy , Yummy, I still want one. glensarahs@gmail.com

  63. Unknown says:

    Wow a chance to win a great gadget and a great recipe! can't wait.Denise lisadenisemason@yahoo.com

  64. Goldogmom says:

    I would love to win this french fry gadget. I like them, and to make them for my family. I can only eat a few (T2D) so having them cut thin and evenly helps me be careful AND enjoy a favorite food. Thank YOU for a wonderful website. I am swooning at the photos and want to rush home and cook!Michellein Seattle

  65. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for the contest,Pat, the Lurker

  66. ann konell says:

    Those fry's look scrumptious! The tool looks ez to use.

  67. Unknown says:

    I really dislike cutting potato's into fries. This would so come in handy.

  68. That tool looks great, please enter me in for a chance to win. At the moment I hand cut my fries, my good french fry cutter when walkabout when I packed up my kitchen for a move some years ago. I've needed one ever since.Love your blog as well. I'm a former Duncanite. Is that a word? Love to see and read about my old stomping grounds.

  69. Unknown says:

    I came to the site for the roasted potatoes, and found this chance to win a great addition to the kitchen. Lorigreenmackley@HOtmail.com

  70. Unknown says:

    Came for a recipe and found a chance for a great addition to my kitchen.

  71. Hey there thank you for the chance to win, I would love to win a french fry cutter it would make life so much easier. I have commented on facebook and I am so going to try your TBQ recipe. Thanks again, Laura

  72. where to find the facebook link to my previous posthttps://www.facebook.com/celestine1686

  73. Foodie says:

    Love!! Muuust…Haaaave! :))shirl4080@gmail.com

  74. Vetty says:

    OH, that would look so wonderful slicing up my fries!!!justratherb@yahoo.com

  75. Unknown says:

    I so want one of these also…My family loves homemade fries 🙂

  76. Unknown says:

    Oh wow all those dishes look amazing. I love your site with all the recipes!

  77. Emily says:

    We make homemade fries all of the time, we have worn out several French fry cutters. I would love to win this one. Thanks

  78. Unknown says:

    Can't wait to use this on red, white & blue potatoes, yams & sweet potatoes, ube (purple yam), talo (taro root) #yumm #yumm #yumm :))

  79. Unknown says:

    My husband and 3 sons would love to have one of these in the house and it looks like it would surely make quick work of the amount of potatoes needed to fill these guys up. 🙂 Nancy Brunton (enbee61@comcast.net)

  80. Anita says:

    well…I'm not sure how I nearly missed getting in on this…thankfully I caught it before it was over.

  81. Unknown says:

    So that's how you make those delicious looking fries. Would love to win one of those.

  82. I just adore shoe string fries.

  83. Pingback: TBQ SAUCE

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